Video Italia TV and Advertising.

Video Italia is a TV program produced from the Italian Radio Italia group. That is an entertainement thematic channel about the best Italiani Music and Culture.

All the well known Artstis of Italian music are esibiting in our programs also in the very cool program Radio Italia Live. Every week an Artist , in our Auditorium in Milan, plays and talks with the present people and chats also with more fans worldwide.

In our program there is also the weekly Hit Parade chart of the Italian music with all the new entries and new songs.More other programs as Concerts presentation, Cinema and other news about the musical world are in our Schedule.

There is the possibillty to advert and promote your activity and products in our Programs. If you are interested , please contact us about our prices and conditions.

Video Italia Reception in Switzerland.

Video Italia is available to all Cable and IPTV operators. Cablecom and its subsidiary distributors in German Switzerland and Suisse Romande are transmitting Video Italia in digital mode. The same is done by Swisscable also in the German part.Swisscom is transmitting in IPTV mode and is available in all the territory. For more information about the reception of Video Italia ask us about the coverage of your zone or ask your local cable operator.

Events and Shows.

In our Program Scheduling you can find our shows, talk shows and live transmission. The most loved show is Radio Italia Live, a Talk and Music Show directly live from our Studios.Every week with a new Artist , in this exclusive "unplugged" show you can watch the most know artists and discover new aspects from the artist.The people at the show can talk directly with the artist .

More events and show scheduling can be found on our program schedule or directly on the internet site from Video Italia that is live updated :


Here you can download the new app of Radio Italia for your iPhone. Enjoy your listening to Radio Italia with you iPhone.


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