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Our Shop. In our shop you can choice trugh the menus about the products range. We have three product ranges: satelite reception material , concentred of the best HDTV receivers with their best awards.Special lamps, for particular use as railways airports ,marine a.o.. You can find also LEDs Lighting systems for outdoor as garden,streets.The products that you will find are commercial and all certied CE with producer Iso 9001 Certified.Our products are respecting the environment and all the security norms.

More articles.If you do not find your desired product in our palette, do not hesitate to ask us about it.We can supply more family of specialised products that are not included in the shop.Concerning Special lamps and LEDs you can ask us for the catalogue and if you have particular technical specification we can realize it with our Partners.

Regarding Satellite Receivers , all the articles are original with original garantie from the producer. We do not sell clones or imitations. Only genuine products. The satellite receiver are delivered with the original software released from the producer. We do not alterate or modify receivers.All receivers containing HDD are regurlary taxed by Suisa and the price include this tax.

The Product of the Moment is : VU+ SOLO 4K This new Receiver from VU Plus has the following features:

  • - 2 DVB-S2 Tuner Full Band Capture, 1 Tuner Slot
  • - ARM Powerful Dual Core CPU
  • - 3,5 Inch TFT LCD with 262.000 Colors 18 Bit
  • - UHD & 3D and Plug & Play SATA HDD
  • - 4K 3840x2160p decode and display
  • - Easy and Simple internet connection with Built-in Wi-Fi
  • - Linux with HVEC / H265, Various Plug-ins, 2 USB 3.0, Apps for IOS and Android,Hbb TV and UHD PIP Features.


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  • VU+ DUO 2 Dual Tuner, Dual Display, Dual Performance, Powerful Dual Core CPU
    Experience up to 4 tuners with only twin plug-able tuners Double viewing screens provide double amount of convenience
    Easy and Simple internet connection with Built-in Wi-Fi Linux TV with Transcoding, Various Plug-ins [...]
  • VU+ SOLO 2 MINI in design, MAX in power Versatile HD Zapper with more features   [...]
  • DM 500 HD V2 HDTV Satellite receiver 1X Smartcard slot, Enigma 2 OS [...]
  • DM 800 HD SE V2 400 MHz MIPSEL Processor , HDTV,DVBS2 Tuner,Plug & Play, 2x Smartcard readers [...]
  • DM 7020 HD V2 HD Receiver with Enigma 2 OS HD H 264 Hardware decoding 2 X Smartcard Reader [...]
  • DM 7080 HD HD Receiver with Enigma 2.2 OS HD H 264 Hardware decoding 2 X Smartcard Reader [...]
  • VU+ DUO Twin Tuner DVB-S2 Receiver PVR, Enigma 2 OS [...]

A.Choosing LED illumination means taking advantage of a revolutionary and efficient technology, allowing you to achieve considerable energy savings, long life cycle and reduced maintenance costs.

LED light has high quality, does not emit ultraviolet rays and got an exceptional color rendering index. A LED source, thanks to the absence of mercury and other heavy materials, contributes to global sustainability having a very low environmental impact. The technology is so advanced that today can be proposed unique and innovative solutions for indoor, outdoor or street lighting.

B.In interior design, lighting is an integral part of furnishing, creating welcoming, pleasing and creative scenarios.
LED recessed lights allow a directional light, useful especially for interior decorating made by both warm and cool shades. Unlike incandescent lamps, LED sources produce no heat; they can be installed easily in not visible places.

C.Buildings, gardens and parks, parkings, swimming pools and many other public areas can be illuminated during the night with a new and charming light, both spot and diffuse.


LED source can achieve all this effects through the use of floor or ceiling washer lamps (for widespreaddistributed light) and the ability to display spaces and objects.
D.Using LED technology for streets, alleys and parking lighting means to choose the future, safety, global sustainability, and reduction of light pollution.
Our products are designed and produced for the longest reliability. We only use LEDs produced by the three most famous brands in the world, we declare clearly the junction temperature of the LEDs on duty and we use only LED power supply certified by the most important safety and reliability parties.
Our company is able to deliver more types of special lamps. Thanks to the partnership of more lamps manufacturers, we can develope or produce special lamps for more utilization. Our specializing is on traffic lamps and signal lamps for railway and all kind of signalization,medical lamps, photo studio lamps,domestic lamps,navigation lamps.

All the lamp are produced in Europe under the quality certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for the environment. We can develope special lamps from you technical data or specification.

Our Customers are railways, airports , marine companies, signalization companies.

Last developed products are Halogen Long Life Lamps.These products are in very high technology and some of them have a life of more of 20.000 hours.They are used in Traffic Signals ( most Railway ) that require an high efficiency lamps with a no high power ,but with a very good perfomance in terms of lumen (the dimension of the light ).

If you are interested do no hesitate to contact us for more information. We can mail you our full catalog of our article series.

Our special lamps are designed for Hi Tech applications such Traffic Signals, Navy signals, Theater, Medical use, Photo Labs and more other.

Our factories are located in Europe and respect all ISO norms such ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

This application is for a Railway Traffic signal on the Railway line. Our Products are used in more countries and are developed specially for the National Railways according the local technical data. The most used lamps type are Halogen Lamps and Krypton lamps,

Parking Indoor:
“This application is a Parking lighting.The costumer has a benefit in term of power saving and with an excellent performace in term of lighting. The quality of a Parking is also due from the lighting system.”

Outdoor lighting:
“With our LED solutions the customer can oder the best possible outdoor lighting solution. We are developing more new products in this range the wallwashers with particualr applications as Monuments, Castles and more. We have monochromatic and Colors as RGB solutions.”

Street Lighting:
“This is an example of a riqualification of a connection road.With the right planning the street is perfectly allumed and also by bad weather the visibility remains on good values.”